A few weeks ago, we sent a few tubs of our Drive Pre Workout to respected Social Media reviewers to check out our newest supplement. A few days ago, 5 Minute Supp Reviews posted their review. 5 minute supp reviews is a respected, honest supplement review channel that says it like it is. They accept no money or remuneration of any kind for doing their reviews. We were so excited to see what they thought about our product. Check out the video review of Drive below.

5 Minute Supp Review | Drive Pre Workout

And The Verdict Is...

Awesome! We were so happy to see that the reviewer liked our branding and our name. We worked hard on coming up with our name and brand, so it was nice to see it appreciated. The reviewer starts out with taste. We sent him our most popular flavor: Watermelon Candy. What we didn't know was this gentleman does not really care for watermelon. He still gave us a 4 out of five on taste! He goes into talking about one of the trademarked ingredients we use, Carnosyn, and how he feels the "tingles" from it. He then tests during a workout and says the pump was good, but where Drive really shines is in the sustained energy and focus. In the end, he gives drive a 4.5 out of five! While we would have loved to get a full 5 scoop rating, but we respect his opinion as someone who has tried many pre workouts over time.

5 Minute Supp Reviews

We would like to thank 5 Minute Supp reviews for their dedication to letting the public know about new supplements and their opinions about them. You can check out their youtube page HERE and please give them a follow or subscribe if you like quick, honest supplement reviews.