What Is Pure Energy?

PURENERGY is a patented co-crystal ingredient comprised of caffeine and ChromaDex's pTeroPure® pterostilbene that forms a unique crystalline structure having superior benefits as compared to the two individual components alone. Given the co-crystal formulation with pTeroPure, PURENERGY also has additional functional health benefits that include cognitive function, antioxidant activity, heart health and weight management support.

What is the difference between PurEnergy and regular caffeine?

One animal study showed PURENERGY had a 6-8 times longer half-life as compared to caffeine alone. The results of the animal study suggest that PURENERGY may provide longer sustained energy and alertness with reduced amounts of caffeine and without the "crash" typically experienced when ingesting caffeinated energy products. This patented new ingredient technology should allow formulators of caffeinated energy products the opportunity to reduce the total amount of caffeine without affecting the consumers' product experience. Some people are calling PurEnergy "a next generation version of caffeine".

A cross-over study compared the effects of Purenergy with generic caffeine. Study participants were given generic caffeine, and then Purenergy at separate times. The study found that Purenergy delivered 30% more caffeine into the bloodstream, had a 30% slower absorption rate, and had a 25% longer half-life (an indicator of how long the effects of a substance last). More specifically, the study reported that people taking Purenergy had 45% more caffeine in their blood at 4 hours than generic caffeine, and 51% more at 6 hours. In addition, when taking Purenergy, the energizing effects of caffeine were still felt after 6 hours, unlike ordinary caffeine.

PurEnergy is perfect for:

At Hustle Supplements, we feel the use of Purenergy is perfect for our products. It creates a different feel than standard caffeine, we can use much less and lasts much longer with none of the side effects associated with generic caffeine.