Due to start shipping on April 1st 2020, our first Fat Burner, Torrid is going to melt your fat away! We have spent a long time trying to perfect a weight loss product that would produce results without just throwing a bunch of stimulants together. We put our heads together and came up with Torrid. An all day fat loss supplement that will give your metabolism a huge boost and activate cAMP pathways to turn your thermogenesis meter up to 11!

While we are not releasing the full profile of Torrid just yet, we can tell you the FIVE trademarked ingredients we are using to put in your arsenal when it comes time to drop some pounds.

PurEnergy Caffeine™
Also used in our pre workout, PurEnergy's effects are super long lasting and do not have the negative side effects that caffeine anhydrous can sometimes give. It also FEELS totally different, delivering a nice stream of energy and focus.

A non-stimulant ingredient that converts regular fat cells, or white adipose tissue, into brown fat cells, or brown adipose tissue.

Advantra Z™
Stimulates weight loss and can increase performance and reduce appetite

Increases energy levels without affecting heart rate or blood pressure

A natural ingredient that comes from hot peppers that can help mobilize fat stores for energy production.

As you can see, we stacked Torrid to the brim with awesome ingredients, and that is not even the whole formula! There are many more ingredients that we will be showing off soon. Stay tuned here as soon we will be showing the rest of the ingredients soon as well as taking pre-orders for Torrid. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and subscribe to our blog at top right to get the latest Hustle Supplements news.